A laser printer, also known as a laser computer printer, is a device that creates images from a combination of a laser and toner. Laser printers have become commonplace since they were introduced in the 1970s. They are now found in offices, schools, and homes. Some models can also include fax, scanning, and copying capabilities. Unlike inkjet printers, a laser printer can print a variety of colors. These can be made by using the four basic toner colors: black, cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Laser printers use high voltages to form beams of light. This beam is directed into a photoreceptor, a revolving drum that is charged by an electrostatic charge. The dots that are formed by the photoreceptor encode printing data. Each dot carries the date, serial number, and the page that is being printed. The number of dots is referred to as the dpi, or dots per inch. Dots are typically 0.1 mm in diameter and are used for traceability.

The raster memory of a printer holds a bitmap image of a full page. For a monochrome document at 600 dpi, the memory requires at least four megabytes. For color, the minimum is 16 megabytes.

Toner cartridges are a direct influence on the quality of the prints that a printer can produce. While toner can be expensive, the price is typically lower than ink cartridges. When compared to ink, toner stores better and allows for greater page yields.

Many mainstream printers allow the user to switch between different colors, or turn off color. In the case of a multicolor printer, a single-color unit may be more cost-effective than three separate units. Multicolor cartridges can raise the costs of ink, however.

Some manufacturers offer “ESD-safe” vacuum cleaners with high-efficiency filters that prevent the pollution of the office environment. Other models have USB ports, allowing the user to access the printer from a mobile phone. You can also use Google Cloud Print to print from Google apps.

Choosing an efficient printer means looking beyond the sticker price. It is easy to find an inexpensive model, but if you are looking for a durable printer that can handle heavy-duty documentation, you may need to consider a more expensive option.

If you are a small business owner, you can save money by purchasing a Brother laser color printer. Despite its low price, the printer offers a lot of features. This includes a 250-sheet capacity tray, wireless NFC connectivity, and a 3.7-inch touchscreen. Also, it supports popular cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive.

Lexmark printers are also designed to reduce paper use by half, and they allow users to recycle their toner cartridges for free. Another feature that is useful is automatic two-sided printing. With these features, you can save time and money.

If you want to print a lot of pages, the HP Deskjet 4500 printer is an excellent choice. It’s a great color printer that can also handle envelopes and card stock. Plus, it offers fast print speeds and an automatic document feeder.