Printing is one of the most expensive business expenses. It’s not uncommon for printing to account for over 1% of a company’s total revenue, according to Keypoint Intelligence, and unmanaged print costs can quickly balloon.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your printing expenses while still delivering high quality results. With a little research and a lot of patience, you can find the best deal possible on your next printing project.

The best way to find the most cost-effective printer for your needs is to compare print prices from several different suppliers using a dedicated comparison site like Approved Index. This will allow you to find the cheapest quote for your unique requirements and specifications, saving you money in the long run.

In fact, finding the cheapest printing solution for your business can be as simple as getting quotes from a few top notch companies and taking your time to compare them. Getting the most accurate and unbiased quotes isn’t just about price, it’s also about quality and speed of service.

Most printers use several technologies to get the job done, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, laser printers are the fastest and most reliable but they can be expensive to operate.

Other notable printer technologies include dot-matrix, inkjet and hybrid models that combine the best of both worlds.

Lastly, the most cost-effective option for your small business is likely to be a combination of all three – a laser printer, a dot-matrix printer and an inkjet. This will save you money on the first two options and provide the scalability you need to handle your biggest jobs.